Clonal Solutions Australia

Clonal Solutions Australia

  • Commercialisation of improved clonal varieties for forestry, agriculture, horticulture and biofuels.
  • Mass production of elite crops for plantations throughout Australia
  • Research and Development in clonal propagation of new varieties

Clonal Solutions Australia, created in 2004, is a spin-off company of Yuruga Nursery on the Atherton Tablelands in North Queensland.

Yuruga Nursery was established in 1985, and during that time has been responsible for the introduction of over a thousand tropical native species into cultivation.

In recent years an innovative Mass Production section of the nursery has been developed to cater for the forestry, agriculture, horticulture and biofuel industries. This section, called Clonal Solutions Australia, is dedicated to the commercialisation and mass production of elite crops for plantation throughout Australia.

The nursery is located at 5970 Kennedy Highway, Walkamin, North Queensland, Australia.

It is approximately 1 hour’s drive from Cairns, between Mareeba and Atherton on the Atherton Tablelands.

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  • produced over 10 million tea-tree clones for agriculture
  • produced over 10 million eucalypt clones for forestry
  • screened over 1000 different eucalypt clones for commercial viability of the propagation process
  • produced over 6 million cloned teak plants for tropical forestry planations
  • produced 1.5 million Saltgrow™ eucalypt clones for forestry and rehabilitation of saline land.

Clonal Solutions Australia: Mass production of improved clonal varieties for forestry and agriculture.