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Clonal Solutions Australia and Yuruga Nursery pioneered the mass-production of elite eucalypt clones in Australia and remains the leading nursery in the field to this day, with millions of these clones dispatched to timber companies throughout Australia, from Darwin to Albany.

Clonal Solutions Australia is a spin-off company of Yuruga Nursery which began in 1985 as a tiny operation funded from the owner’s savings. As the nursery has grown, profits have been re-invested and the nursery is now a highly capitalised operation with high-tech, modern facilities.

Mechanisation includes forklift and tractors, steam steriliser for recycling pots and trays, tray fillers, soil mixers and potting machine, conveyors and Ellegaard paper pot machines, thus enabling the production and despatch of large quantities of plants very quickly and efficiently.

Importantly, Clonal Solutions Australia has a state-of-the-art Tissue Culture Laboratory, and cutting houses totalling 2500 sq metres of floor space, with full climate control and total production capacity of 1 million cuttings per month. The purpose-built Tissue Culture Laboratory has 3 growth rooms, 10 inoculation stations and production capacity of over 1 million plantlets per year.

Clonal Solutions Australia also has growing on areas totalling 20,000 sq metres, made up of 4,000 sq metres under shade and 16,000 sq metres in full sun.

Automatic generators provide crop protection against power failures and an alarm system connected to a 24 hour paging network provides crop protection against irrigation failure.

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