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Pongamia (Millettia)

Clonal Solutions Australia Pongamia (Millettia) plants are sourced from an agricultural centre of excellence in India and can be grown from seed or tissue culture.

Clonal Solutions Australia sources high quality seeds from India. This is important, as Pongamia seed collected from Australia has not been exposed to the rigorous selection processes imposed by the Indian people, who have used this species for 100’s of years for lighting and domestic use.

CSA Pongamia have been specifically selected for the bio-fuel industry, on the following criteria:

  • early flowering;
  • crop canopy vigour;
  • regular fruiting;
  • seed yield, and
  • oil content.

Plants are supplied in Quickpots™ in 40 cell Hiko trays (or in the pot size of your choice), sun hardened and ready to plant.

Transport: As a guide, plants are dispatched in pallet-lots (approximately 6,000 plants) or semi-trailer loads (approximately 150,000 plants).

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